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While there are currently no strict rules in place, editors are still expected to write pages that are consistent with others on the wiki. This page details standards that are currently used. This page is still a work in progress and you are encouraged to suggest changes if you think the wiki is lacking something or could be improved.

Album pages

These are the bulk of the wiki and have the most standardised format. Mixes is considered the exemplar for these pages as it is complete and covers most special cases.


This should give a short summary of the album and contain the infobox. The album's title and alternate titles in the summary should be in bold. The vast majority of album and track titles should always be in italics. The summary is informal and can contain a little bit of humour if you wish.

See the source code of Mixes and the template itself to work out how to use the infobox. At some point there will be proper documentation on it.

Official descriptions

This section should be the first and should use the Quote template. These descriptions can be sourced from Bandcamp and C418's official site, as well as archived versions of his blog. Tweets could also be referenced if relevant.


This section should contain subheadings for every track in the album. If the album has multiple discs (i.e. one), separate the headings into each disc. The idea is that the numbering in the table of contents should reflect the actual track numbering.

Tracks should have a redirect page pointing to their subheader on the album page. A track could be separated onto its own page if there is enough information about it that it is taking up too much space on the album page, but this is unlikely.


If a track exists on multiple albums or sources, there should only be details about it on one page, with the rest containing a note pointing to the correct page. If it's unclear which to use, the priorities are as follows:

  1. First official Bandcamp or BAM release
  2. Other Bandcamp or BAM releases
  3. SoundCloud
  4. thesixtyone
  5. Bandcamps/artist sources other than C418's (this currently only applies to Skyward)
  6. Old blog

Tracks with slight variations between releases (such as Friend) that are still clearly the same track should be considered the same. The variations and alternate track lengths should be noted on the same page.

BAMs that were or became albums should have their information on the album page rather than BAM.


Before the subheaders should be any official descriptions of the track (from the same sources as above), and the infobox. A summary of the track could be included as well, but may be better off in the Trivia section.



This should include a transcription of the lyrics. If the lyrics are not from an official source, then a note should be included stating that the lyrics are fan-transcribed, as well as a link to the source if there is one.


This section should include bullet points about other versions of this track, such as remixes and original versions.


This section should include additional facts about the track. If you're not sure whether or not to include something in here, consider whether the majority of people reading the article would know the fact already. The focus should be on telling people something interesting that they might not know already.

Album trivia

The same idea as the track trivia sections, but with information that applies to the whole album rather than any specific track.