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C418's Newgrounds account. Only two tracks from zweitonegoismus were uploaded to his Newgrounds account.



Length 1:46
Additional artist(s) smn, flip
This little thing was made after a good friend tried out his new mics. Trough his guitar playing test, another good friend thought it would be a great idea to add lyrics. After that was made, I thought it would be a good idea to add anything that comes to my mind. and here we have Phleps ... I wanted something different. The drums are probably not everyones taste because they even get a little weird.
—C418, Newgrounds


Note that these lyrics were transcribed by a fan and may not be accurate.

The weeks have been passing by quite slowly
But now it is time
to let go of all the bitterness
Time to get by
Time to get by

I've cost myself all things I couldn't influence
Shed bitter tears over nothing at all
But now it's finally time to get my life back
Stop thinking of you and leave it all


Length 3:28
Dunno what to say about this. It's some random recordings, made more weird than they are.
—C418, Newgrounds