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Ivy Road, also known as Ivy Road Games and Team Ivy Road, is an independent video game development studio founded by C418, Davey Wreden, and Karla Zimonja based in Austin, Texas. On July 29, 2021, they officially announced their founding and development on an unknown game, in collaboration with Annapurna Interactive. C418 is creating the soundtrack for the game and is his current focus in terms of music production.

Official Descriptions

the yet unnamed game has a ton of music and most of it is not just a wav file. I poured a lot of my soul in it
—C418, Discord

Known Information

Though the game has not been announced and little is known about it, some information has been discovered through job listings and tweets from developers.

  • game started being developed in early/mid 2017
  • ivyroad.fun website was registered in june 2019
  • placeholder title is "The Next Thing"
  • "narrative-driven simulation game" with a mix of humurous and serious parts in the story
  • will be completely different from davey wreden's other games
  • has looping gameplay
  • is in 3D
  • has lots of NPCs and different characters
  • contains some sort of AI element
  • multiple aspects are highly detailed, graphics wise
  • characters have "restrainedly toony movement"
  • will have many cutscenes
  • being developed in Unreal Engine 4 (possibly upgrading to 5?)
  • confirmed platforms are PC and major consoles

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  • This will be the second major game C418 has released, after ezo.
  • The announcement video for the studio contains a piano piece in the background that was composed by C418. It is unknown if the song is part of the game's soundtrack or simply intended for background music.