Branching Out

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Branching Out

branching out.jpg

Release date 2021-05-16
Genre Ambient, IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)
Running time 12:40
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Branching Out is an ambient EP by C418 that functions as the soundtrack for, a remote collaboration software for companies to use. It acts as a video game/virtual office hybrid where people can talk to each other via the proximity chat. The EP was only released via SoundCloud, and since the closure of the Branch platform, it is unlikely to be released anywhere else.

Official descriptions

I did the music for a somewhat corporate gig, which is not usually something I do, but the people were so lovely that it was too hard to say no. I don't own the rights to the music, so it's just on their end
—C418, Discord



Length 1:03


Length 5:36


Length 4:24


Length 1:37


  • This song appeared in a demo video released by Branch on March 27, 2021.


  • The entire album was recorded through a real tape machine.
  • The release date says May 15, 2021 on SoundCloud, despite it being uploaded on May 16, 2021.
  • C418 does not own the rights to the music, so it is unlikely the soundtrack will appear on any other platforms.
  • It is the second C418 EP to be exclusive to SoundCloud, with YIFF DAD being the first.
  • All the songs on the EP use only 4 tracks, as demonstrated in this TikTok video.