Catacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack

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Catacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack

Catacomb Snatch.jpg

Release date 2012-03-20
Genre Breakbeat, DnB, Orchestral, Soundtrack
Running time 22:11
Additional artists anosou
Bandcamp Free download
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Catacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack is a collaborative EP between C418 and anosou produced as the soundtrack for Mojang's game Catacomb Snatch, which was created at their annual game jam event Mojam.

Official descriptions

Catacomb Snatch was a game made for the annual Mojam, a game jam held by Mojang.

I created the soundtrack in collaboration with artist Anosou, or Mattias Häggström Gerdt.

It was quite a stressful project to finish because I historically don’t do very well at game jams, but I ended up being somewhat successful, producing 3 pretty decent songs. Mattias also did a super great job at imitating the style I started and he continued.

There’s not very much I can really say about the songs themselves since there are really only three that I made, haha.



C418 - Theme
Length 1:22
Bandcamp Free Download


anosou - Mummyf​-​-​-​er
Length 4:58
Bandcamp Free Download

Enforcer Britannica

C418 - Enforcer Brittanica
Length 5:13
Bandcamp Free Download

Scarab's Gold

anosou - Scarab's Gold
Length 4:25
Bandcamp Free Download

Dune Storm

C418 - Dune Storm
Length 4:31
Bandcamp Free Download


anosou - Ending
Length 1:42
Bandcamp Free Download

Album trivia

  • C418 had previously remixed one of anosou's tracks as Cobalt Something Something.
  • Theme, Enforcer Brittanica, and Dune Storm were all made by C418, whilst the rest were made by anosou.