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Bandcamp is an online music store which allows music to be sold directly by the artists. It is notable for allowing purchases to be made on a "name your price" basis, permitting customers to pay more than the asking price. C418's Bandcamp is considered to be the main source for his music, as it offers more albums than any other source and contains some extra details about them.

Bandcamp, which is embedded to the right over there, is a very artist friendly website and allows you to preview entire albums, for free! Though, I think they kinda stop you from bingeing too hard if you don't decide to buy. Artists get the biggest cut out of all popular services from here too. So if you want give me a pizza, you can do that the easiest here, haha!

Albums available on C418's Bandcamp

Removed albums

The following albums were at one point available to download on C418's Bandcamp, but have since been removed.

Never released albums

Tracks available on other artists' Bandcamp pages

Certain albums by other artists have contained tracks that are collaborations with or remixes by C418.


Big Giant Circles



Songs for the Cure