Mubbly Tower

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Mubbly Tower


Release date 2008-05-04
Genre Ambient
Running time 7:15
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Mubbly Tower is an album by C418 made for the game Mubbly Tower. The album was never formally released, with C418 instead releasing the tracks directly to his blog.

Official descriptions

I made the music for [Mubbly Tower]. From the statistics I can see that some people want the soundtrack. Actually you can get it when you start the game and look in the folder where the executable is. The mp3-files should be there if the game runs.
Well. I have the tracks here anyway. So… get it.
Woah [Mubbly Tower is] an old one. Actually, I do remember crunching out that main game song and being so unhappy doing it, like it was the first time I saw what it’s like to write music for a game I’m not keen about and real life came knocking, or something, haha.
—C418, Reddit


Not Atlantis

Not Atlantis
Length 1:15
Bandcamp $1
This song must be about 4 years old. I like how quirky it is, and the mastering quality is good considering my old stuff has really terrible engineering skills :).
—C418, Bandcamp
Not Atlantis is a song I still cherish. I just love the atmosphere I managed to create.
—C418, Daniel's Blog

Not Atlantis is a song that plays in-menu. It was remastered during the production of Seven Years of Server Data.


Strange Dream

Strange Dream
Length 2:13


Length 3:47

atlantis is a track that plays during in-game.


  • Currently the only legal way to obtain the Mubbly Tower songs is to download the game from the author's site and extract the songs by running the game. Opening the game (Windows only) and playing it will extract all three songs to the folder the game is in. The player needs to copy and paste the songs to a different folder before closing the game, as the game will delete these files upon termination of the executable.