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iNTERWEBBS, also known as iNTERWEBBS.MUZAK, was an online record label created by sohnemann. It is notable for containing evidence of C418's earliest online prescence, which dates back to January 2007. This was over half a year before his blog was started.

Unfortunately, the label never got off the ground and only ever released one EP. Thus, information on the label and its music are very limited.


IWM001 - Compound Insanity EP

An unfinished collaboration project between C418 and sohnemann. The latter of which was unable to contribute, and the one song that was made for it was reworked as Komphund.[1]


The second planned release was a chiptune EP created by C418 with an unknown title. The tracklist was confirmed to be PRESS BUTTON, SECRET SECRET, and BOY (later released as deBoy). sohnemann is confirmed to have a copy of the full EP, and asked C418 for permission to release it, but "he didn't seem hype about the prospect of them getting out."[2]

IWM003 - jetzt ist auf keinen fall ewig

I'm not sure whether or not I still got the MP3s floating around but frankly, nothing of value would be lost if I didn't, hahahah. Like, genuinely.
—sohnemann, Discord
Zu hart für Techhouse, zu langsam für Hardtechno. Ein Experiment für Hörer und Hörenden - ein Experiment mit Risiken für Gehör und Ausgabegerät. Anders gesagt: Harte, verzerrte, stampfende Beats mit knirschender Percussion und einer unklaren Aussage; Die Gegenwart ist nicht allgegenwärtig, der Moment vergeht schneller als man ihn erlebt, die Vernunft verliert. Jetzt ist auf keinen Fall ewig.

Sometimes incorrectly referred to as Now is by no means eternal. This was a techno EP created by sohnemann and released sometime in 2007. It contained two tracks: 24 Nächte Später and 25 Tage Davor. No known archives of it exist.

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