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This article is still a work in progress.
Technically all of them are, but this one might not be completely ready for public viewing.

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The List

TrackAlbumRelease dateSource
BAM #13 -
BAM #19 -
BAM #20 - beatquirl
BAM #20 - combat418
BAM #22BAM2007-11-07Unofficial YouTube upload[2]
Extra #1 - C418 & sohnemann - dimension zweiBAM2007-11-28No source available
Extra #2 - herbst rotes herz (cat418 mix)BAM2007-12-05Unofficial YouTube upload[4]
BAM #26 - Not
BAM #28 - GOD
Extra #3 - MEINE GUTEN
BAM #29 -
Ithe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive[6]
neverthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
namedthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
thesethe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
tracksthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
properlythe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
sothe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
dothe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
yourthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
guessworkthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
yourselfthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
willthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
yathe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
thankthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
youthe whatever directors cut2008-01-27Google Drive
BAM #31 -
Extra #4 -
BAM #33 -
fucking clip
fucking clip
fucking clip
fucking clip
BAM #35 - small ambient
BAM #36 - small minimal
because I said so!
BAM #38 - C418, unintentionally live!BAM2008-03-12No source available
BAM #39 -
2_bb / The weirdest remix I ever worked on.Zombie Dog in Crazyland / Seven Years of Server Data2008-03-23Bandcamp[7]
Something loud, old and scaryI forgot something, didn't I.2008-03-25Bandcamp[8]
1_aZombie Dog in[9]
1_bZombie Dog in
2_aZombie Dog in
3_aZombie Dog in
3_bZombie Dog in
4_aZombie Dog in
4_bZombie Dog in
BAM #41 - The PreviewBAM2008-04-26Unofficial YouTube upload[10]
Not AtlantisMubbly Tower / Seven Years of Server Data2008-05-04Bandcamp
Strange DreamMubbly Tower2008-05-04Mubbly Tower[11]
AtlantisMubbly Tower2008-05-04Mubbly Tower
000000082008-05-07Google Drive[12]
20 kidsMixes2008-05-23Bandcamp[13]
Incredibly detailed acid tripMixes2008-05-23Bandcamp
20 kardsMixes2008-05-23Bandcamp
Average C418Mixes2008-05-23Bandcamp
No but YesMixes2008-05-23Bandcamp
menuuZombie Dog in
BAM #43 -
komphund2 / Seven Years of Server Data2008-10-01Bandcamp
schau rauf (C418 hat schnupfen mix)2008-10-01Internet Archive[15]
BAM #46 -
BAM #47 -
BAM #48 - tropfenBAM2008-12-15No source available
BAM #49 - sirtetBAM / Seven Years of Server Data2008-12-15Bandcamp
BAM #51 - Lproj / Monkey ParkBAM / Bushes and Marshmallows2009-02-01Bandcamp[17]
last ahmu / seufzda / my first
BAM #52 -
MinecraftMinecraft - Volume Alpha2009-05-28Bandcamp[18]
ClarkMinecraft - Volume Alpha2009-05-28Bandcamp
SwedenMinecraft - Volume Alpha2009-05-28Bandcamp
BAM #53 -
I apologizeBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
IncredibleBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
UnreasonableBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
QuestionBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
I believe I can flyBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
YesBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
PhaosBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
BoygamesBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
ChantBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
UzickBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
HöreBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
A big thank you toBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
But I love youBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
TurnBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
EdwardBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
WhatBushes and Marshmallows2009-08-01Bandcamp
Inappropiate BADWORD DeluxeI forgot something, didn't I.2009-10-25Bandcamp
If you don't know what to do just steal the amen breaklife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-10-25Bandcamp[19]
jin2010-10-25Internet Archive[20]
a failSeven Years of Server Data2009-12-19Bandcamp
The song I show if someone wants to hear a new Minecraft songSeven Years of Server Data2009-12-21Bandcamp
I2009-12-22Internet Archive[21]
Late Night Jing #12009-12-22Internet Archive[22]
A robots blood2010-01-03Internet Archive[23]
klackA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp[24]
droodA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
waylongA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
acidA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
hopA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
dishA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
soundA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
goltraA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
crowdpleaserA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
shitA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
testA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
baiA Cobblers Tee Thug2010-01-05Bandcamp
subtle cupcake rhythmscircle2010-03-22Bandcamp
Minecraft Music - Preview of Upcoming Songs 12010-04-01Google Drive
bigfoot2010-05-02Google Drive
ThirteenMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-07-30Bandcamp
CatMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-07-30Bandcamp
After you hear this you are olderlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I lack an emotionlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
This song is not goodlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I can't afford masteringlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Words you will never understandlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Kitchens are best for making sound effectslife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Minecraft is acidlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I will perhaps never meet you in personlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
In Berlin people act differentlylife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
One second is enough to die forlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I can't afford mixinglife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Droopy likes ricochetlife changing moments seem minor in pictures / Minecraft - Volume Alpha2010-08-12Bandcamp
Droopy likes your facelife changing moments seem minor in pictures / Minecraft - Volume Alpha2010-08-12Bandcamp
I don't need to know you to be in lovelife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Sometimes I make video game musiclife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
One secondlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Long songs are for people who don't have time to make them shortlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Please dolife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
26life changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Who cares but melife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I don't singlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
I jate my hoblife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Lack of creativity is dangerous in Berlinlife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Life changing moments seem minor in pictureslife changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
What now?life changing moments seem minor in pictures2010-08-12Bandcamp
Minecraft Music - Preview of Upcoming Songs 22010-10-04Google Drive
MeatcraftI forgot something, didn't I.2010-10-27Bandcamp
Biome FestMinecraft - Volume Beta2010-10-27Bandcamp[27]
KeyMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
Subwoofer LullabyMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
Living MiceMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
HaggstromMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
OxygèneMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
Mice on VenusMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
Dry HandsMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
Wet HandsMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
DannyMinecraft - Volume Alpha2010-10-30Bandcamp
mau5caveSeven Years of Server Data2010-11-05Bandcamp
Minecraft 032010-11-05Unofficial YouTube upload[28]
sodlittle things2010-11-13Bandcamp[29]
it's complicatedlittle things2010-11-25Bandcamp
familiar faceslittle things2010-12-25Bandcamp
hotel musiclittle things2010-12-30Bandcamp
kaffeelittle things2010-01-16Bandcamp
bummerlittle things2010-01-16Bandcamp
peanutslittle things2010-01-16Bandcamp
repetitionlittle things2010-01-16Bandcamp
heyheylittle things2010-01-16Bandcamp
shit with a twist!I forgot something, didn't I.2011-01-23Bandcamp
DoorMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
DeathMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
Moog CityMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
ÉquinoxeMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
ChrisMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
ExcuseMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
DogMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
BeginningMinecraft - Volume Alpha2011-03-04Bandcamp
MeatcraftI forgot something, didn't I.2011-03-29Bandcamp
song that didn't get on the new album #1I forgot something, didn't I.2011-07-18Bandcamp
song that didn't get on the new album #2I forgot something, didn't I.2011-07-18Bandcamp
something avant garde and experimental, which could have just been called experimentalI forgot something, didn't I.2011-07-18Bandcamp
Timelapse Kingdom72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp[30]
United Colors of Scrapyard72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
Alive72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
I Jike My Lob72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
BD0872 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
You Have to Cut the Dope72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
Marketing Squander Versus the Little Man72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
From the Window72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
Along the Busiest of Roads72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
Welcome Back to the Machine72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
Stilbruch72 Minutes of Fame2011-07-19Bandcamp
BGC418Seven Years of Server Data2011-09-12Bandcamp
AtempauseSeven Years of Server Data2011-09-28Bandcamp
ChirpMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
MellohiMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
StalMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
StradMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
WardMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
MallMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
BlocksMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
FarMinecraft - Volume Beta2011-09-29Bandcamp
VlemSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
The first unfinished song for the Minecraft documentarySeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Tonic (C418's "I use this in my set" remixSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Lemons (C418's "I want this to be a complete song" mix)Seven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
waterSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Some really obscure ambient tuneSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Another weird ambient tune.Seven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
What it would have sounded like if I were to DJ 5 years agoSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Cobalt Something SomethingSeven Years of Server Data2011-11-03Bandcamp
Skyward25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute2011-11-22Google Drive
Challenge Accepted.2011-12-04Google Drive
ThemeCatacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack2012-03-20Bandcamp[31]
Enforcer BrittanicaCatacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack2012-03-20Bandcamp
Dune StormCatacomb Snatch Original Soundtrack2012-03-20Bandcamp
The Driver (C418 Remix)The Driver - Savlonic (C418 Remix)2012-03-27Bandcamp
The Driver (C418 Remix - Instrumentals)The Driver - Savlonic (C418 Remix)2012-04-01Bandcamp
WaitMinecraft - Volume Beta2012-11-14Bandcamp
cr1_meadow2 years of failure2012-11-30Bandcamp[32]
cr2_finl2 years of failure2012-11-30Bandcamp
cliffside hinsonone2012-12-23Bandcamp[33]
surface pensionone2012-12-23Bandcamp
independent accidentone2012-12-23Bandcamp
danny makes chiptuneone2012-12-23Bandcamp
the first millionone2012-12-23Bandcamp
impostor syndromeone2012-12-23Bandcamp
buildup errorsone2012-12-23Bandcamp
for the sake of making gamesone2012-12-23Bandcamp
preliminary art formone2012-12-23Bandcamp
lawyer cage fightone2012-12-23Bandcamp
lost cousinsone2012-12-23Bandcamp
total dragone2012-12-23Bandcamp
drunken carbonione2012-12-23Bandcamp
the weirdest year of your lifeone2012-12-23Bandcamp
pr departmentone2012-12-23Bandcamp
faux video productionone2012-12-23Bandcamp
one last gameone2012-12-23Bandcamp
this doesn't workone2012-12-23Bandcamp
wooden loveone2012-12-23Bandcamp
I glove thy flobone2012-12-23Bandcamp
post success depressionone2012-12-23Bandcamp
social legoone2012-12-23Bandcamp
jayson gloveone2012-12-23Bandcamp
clumsiness and innovationone2012-12-23Bandcamp
no pressureone2012-12-23Bandcamp
tsuki no koibumione2012-12-23Bandcamp
KiMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp[34]
AlphaMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Dead VoxelMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Blind SpotsMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
FlakeMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Moog City 2Minecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Concrete HallsMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
MutationMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Haunt MuskieMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
WarmthMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Floating TreesMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Aria MathMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
KyotoMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Ballad of the CatsMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
TaswellMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Beginning 2Minecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
DreitonMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
The EndMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
ElevenMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
IntroMinecraft - Volume Beta2013-11-09Bandcamp
Semantic Satiation1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Septic Shock1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Seismic Stratigraphy1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Droopy Remembers1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Tsuki No Koibumi 21482015-11-18Bandcamp
Aria Economy1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Biome Party1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Ample Time1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Habitual Crush1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Divide by Four Add Seven1482015-11-18Bandcamp
Round Up to the Inevitable End1482015-11-18Bandcamp
All The Time2016-01-05Google Drive
0012016-05-06Unofficial YouTube upload
0022016-05-07Unofficial YouTube upload
0032016-05-08Unofficial YouTube upload
0042016-05-09Unofficial YouTube upload
0052016-05-10Unofficial YouTube upload